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Non-Profit Organizations

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

“I have loved working with Gretchen Darby Consulting on the St. Jude Evening Under the Stars Party and Golf Classic. Gretchen is a go-getter that jumps into a project with both feet and hits the ground running! She is hard working, takes initiative and is passionate about the work she does. Gretchen is always very quick to respond, and she does a great job helping us with all aspects of the Party and Golf Classic.”

Bonne Whittaker - ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 

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KF Design | Life | Style

“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Gretchen for more than 25 years.  Her talent and expertise, coupled with her amazing ability to serve her clients’ vast array of needs makes the connection effortless and enjoyable. Gretchen has a gift for developing and cultivating relationships, as well as countless unique ideas that have created successful collaborations in the professional world and between GDC and Kathy Fielder Design I Life I Style. Gretchen is a priceless asset to any business looking to translate their goals into reality.” 

Kathy Fielder, Public Figure, Designer, Owner - Kathy Fielder Design|Life|Style

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"Gretchen is truly an outside the box thinker with a strong attention to detail. She brings a passionate and creative marketing mindset that compliments her business approach. As a company that heavily relies on penetrating community focused outlets, she knows how to relate to community leaders and help increase brand awareness. Gretchen is a true asset to anyone looking to grow their business and she is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.”

Matthew Vuckovich, Chief Operating Officer

PediaQ – The Pediatric House Call

Outdoor Aerobics

Health & Fitness

Crowbar Cardio

“Gretchen stepped in as a Marketing & PR consultant at a time when my partner and I were having challenges with our business and running out of ideas and resources to get our company name in front of people.  In our first brainstorming meeting, Gretchen was able to come up with ideas that hadn’t occurred to us before and walk us through how to get them started.  As someone who comes from a background of zero marketing experience, I’ve appreciated Gretchen’s advice and guidance.  She has know-how, motivation, and a discriminating eye, all of which have been key to upping our marketing game. “ 

Molly Setnick, Owner - Crowbar Cardio 

Tiered Wedding Cake

Bridal / Retail

Button the Bride

While I’ve known Gretchen for many years on a personal basis, this year I launched a new product/invention for the Bridal market and the first person that came to mind to spearhead by Marketing & PR campaign was Gretchen! I needed to get my name out there and create a buzz in the market, but I don’t have the connections or time to make it happen. I knew Gretchen could help me identify my target market and goals, as well as create an impressive press kit and story that would help my startup generate the amount of press necessary for success. Not only is she the most organized person I know, she genuinely cares about the success of each and every one of her clients – and will go above and beyond to ensure they are successful. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her professionalism unmatched, and her friendship is priceless. I highly recommend GDC for any company or organization wanting to launch a business or gain exposure for their product or services! 

Susie Uphues, Owner/Creator of Button The Bride