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Gretchen Darby Consulting is a boutique Consulting firm located in Prosper, Texas - just North of Dallas - specializing in Public Relations and Communications for a wide variety of industries. We use our knowledge, experience, and established relationships to develop and enhance the exposure and awareness of our clients and partners.



GDC is a company based on honesty, integrity, and strong ethical practices. With over 25 years of experience, we bring knowledge, connections, and a wide range of resources to every project. We offer a proactive approach and strategic solutions in an organized and efficient style to take companies and organizations to the next level. GDC will help you focus your efforts, develop a targeted strategy, and organize a customized plan to meet your specific goals.


When to Hire GDC

To grow your audience 
Brainstorming/Strategy Sessions
Focus Groups
Marketing Director absence or maternity/disability leave 
Struggling revenue generation 
In lieu of hiring full or part-time staff
To drive growth, awareness, and exposure 
To enhance current marketing efforts 
New business or location opening 
Brand or Product Launch


Gretchen Darby Consulting, LLC


Prosper, Texas 75078

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